Future Shack Projects

Murder In A Small Town

Ian Weir

Based on the Edgar Award-winning, nine-book “Karl Alberg” series by the late Canadian author L.R. Wright, Murder in a Small Town follows Karl Alberg (Rossif Sutherland), who moves to a quiet coastal town to soothe a psyche that has been battered by big-city police work. But this gentle paradise has more than its share of secrets, and Karl will need to call upon all the skills that made him a world-class detective in solving the murders that, even in this seemingly idyllic setting, continue to wash up on his shore. Kristin Kreuk stars as Cassandra, a local librarian who becomes Alberg’s muse, foil and romantic interest.

The Long Fall

Walter Mosely

From legendary writer Walter Mosley ("Devil in a Blue Dress," "The Last Days of Ptolemey Grey," "Snowfall"). Leonid McGill is a private detective who used to be a bad guy, but now he's trying to be a better guy. He's a middle aged, 5'5" former light-heavyweight boxer with an ex-wife, three kids (not all of whom are his by birth) and a chip on his shoulder. When a client asks for help with an unusual missing persons case, McGill will be drawn into an expansive and insidious world of crime, wealth, and corruption.

Ender's Game

In the aftermath of an alien onslaught, the world's most brilliant young people are prepared from childhood to ward off the next invasion. When Ender Wiggin is hand-picked to attend Battle School, a military academy on a space station where students engage in complex physical and mental war games, he has no idea that he is being trained as humanity's future savior. Based on one of the greatest science fiction novels of all time, Ender's Game is an epic saga of growth, love, and war.

Good Cop Bad Cop

John Quaintance

A small town cop's life is disrupted when her brother, who left to be a big city detective, comes home - and she's forced to work alongside him.

Fight of our Lives

Iuliia Mendel

Based on Iiulia Mendel's memoir "The Fight of our Lives: My Time with Zelenskyy, Ukraine's Battle for Democracy, and What it Means for the World," The Fight of our Lives is about the fascinating ways in which life continues during wartime - the warmth and absurdity, the tenderness, the violence, the fear, and the seemingly mundane. Through unexpected and layered vignettes - some funny, some sad, all deeply human - the series will paint a portrait of one young woman trying to live her best life, while trying to help her country survive.